Syd Rein

Target Art Class

An interactive event at Target in West Hollywood to inspire kids to create one-of-a kind expressions that reflect their unique personality and point of view. This idea came to life through a series of illustrated coloring book walls, tote bag customization station, interactive lookbooks, branded sweets and treats, brand ambassador tees, and signage. Guests were also invited to see performances from, and meet the co-designers of the Fall Collection.

Roles: illustration, print design, art direction

Created at Deutsch for Target in celebration of the Art Class Fall Semester 2017 Collection.

Art Directors: Chelsea Ontiveros, Rocio Alvarado
Design Director: Greta Mantooth
Copywriter: Rocio Urena
Account: Joe Guldan, Monica Tobin

Production: Conor Adler, Steven Frailey, Shacole Hamlett 
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