Syd Rein

Destination Unknown: Are You Awake Or Still Dreaming

Located at the historic Union Station in downtown LA, Deutsch's annual holiday party combined train travel with an optimistic twist on the collective anxiety felt in 2018. The spatial design consisted of lush furniture and vibrantly colored installations, and featured roaming magicians, a tarot card reader, and aura portraiture. The print design contrasts bright colors and trippy typography with mystic and Nihilistic copywriting.

Roles: graphic design, art direction, spatial design, copywriting, keyboard smashing to create a bizarre email invite

Wayfinding copy lines:

Tarot Readings: You do not understand now but you will later
Aura Portraits: Images are merely optical projections
Smoking Patio: Fume and fortune
Restroom: The only time that emptiness is a positive feeling
Coat Check: The sensation of warmth is an illusion

Food and drink copy lines:

Provisions are provisional
Hors d'oeuvres for your nerves
Can you get the bread and eat it too
Obstruct the dominant course
Will this distort or clarify your perception of reality

Agency: Deutsch
Creative Directors: Jens Sjöbergh, Viktor Jacobsson
Head of Design: Adhemas Batista
Designer: Syd ReinProduction: Acacia May
Event Photos: Meg Oliphant

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